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You’ve Got a Bleeder!

Published February 17, 2011 - 4 Comments

Yup.. that’s what the urologist told me when he turned around and saw me laying on the bed, exposed in all my glory.

It was a bit of a relief.  Yes, it would go away on its own.  Yes, it would continue to hurt for awhile longer.  Yes, I needed to stay in bed and not do anything to aggravate it.  No, I was not going back to work until he cleared me… a minimum of two weeks from now.

It certainly could have been worse.  As calm as I’ve been over the last week, I’ve still ran dozens of different scenarios through my head… and not all of them had happy endings.  This bleeding problem didn’t seem to faze the urologist at all.  Let it run its course… look, there is some yellow bruising already, so it’s starting to recede.

He prescribed me some antibiotics, and I mentioned the percocets were getting a little low, so he wrote another one for those.  When he told me that I couldn’t go back to work, I mentioned that they had been pretty good up until then, but if I needed another 2 weeks off, chances are they were going to require some paperwork.  I wouldn’t want my boss thinking that I was out joyriding in this beautiful February weather.

Sure enough, not only do I need paperwork, but the company is also placing me on short-term disability.  That kinda sucks.  I believe that will cut into my pay, but thankfully it’s only one paycheque that’s affected.  (I hope)

And… although I’m still in a considerable amount of pain… the good thing is that I’m no longer worried about my boys falling off in the middle of the night after becoming dead husks…  that unpleasant thought has been running through my mind almost constantly since last week!