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You’re The Worst

Published March 27, 2016 - 0 Comments

A few weeks ago I wrote a post about the state of TV.  One of the comments on that post was from Albert, a Twitter-friend who loves to make fun of my music but apparently gets my twisted sense of humour because he recommended a show I’d never heard of … You’re The Worst.

You’re The Worst plays on the FX channel, home of nothing I’ve ever heard of except Archer.  And because it’s on FX they can get away with things that they couldn’t on a regular network.  The language is naughty.  There’s tons of sexuality (no nudity though) and the writing is funny.  It’s essentially a couple who doesn’t believe in relationships yet meet at a wedding for a one night stand that never seems to end.  And all the things that people would normally hide from their boyfriend or girlfriend… not these two!  There is brutal honesty there that will make you cringe.  And yes… I’ve had several laugh out loud moments while wYou're The Worstatching this alone.. so that should say something.  Throw in references to sleep apnea, which singer of Genesis was better, and one of my absolute favourite SYTYCD contestants (and winner!) for a hot threesome… and you’ve got my attention!

Plus, the episodes are only 22 minutes long, and there are only 10 in Season 1 and 2 … so you can binge watch through You’re The Worst pretty quickly!

Not recommended for those who don’t share my twisted sense of humour.