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Would YOU Go See Madonna in Moncton?

Published October 16, 2011 - 8 Comments

Well, there’s a ton of buzz around the possibility of Madonna coming to Moncton’s Magnetic Hill next summer.  I guess we’ll find out for sure when the tour date announcement is made October 31, but I’d say that it’s probably a done deal at this point.

So the next big question is…  Would YOU go see Madonna in Moncton?

I’ve gone to see two large outdoor concerts in Moncton, with two very different outcomes.  The day that Bon Jovi played was perfect.  You couldn’t ask for any better weather.  It was a beautiful day, but it wasn’t hot.  There wasn’t a cloud in the sky, but the sun wasn’t scorching.  When Bon Jovi came out, I loved every single song that they did.  It was a great show.  The crowds were quite tolerable.  All in all, I had a fantastic experience.

Things were a little different at U2.  The weather was horrible, but you can not control the weather.  Still, the fact that the grounds were a big mud pit seemed to set the stage for a less than ideal experience.  I would say that I was looking forward to seeing U2 much more than I was Bon Jovi, but when I think back to the different set lists… U2 played songs that I really wasn’t thrilled with.  Yes, they did play some of my all-time favs… but there were lulls where I began to wonder if they were going to play something that I liked.  I didn’t have that problem with Bon Jovi.  I loved everything.  And the crowds at U2…

I mention this because I’ve watched Madonna’s Confessions tour on DVD many times, and thought “WoW!  If she ever came back to Montreal, I’d love to go see her.”  Why Montreal?  Because it’s the closest venue that I could ever have imagined (until recently) that Madonna would ever have come to the Atlantic provinces.  MAYBE Halifax… but even that was pushing it.  But as many times as I have watched that Confessions tour DVD, I don’t think that I’ve ever watched it from start to finish.  It’s very much the same thing as the U2 concert was for me.  Madonna has a ton of material to choose from, and I found that what I recognized, I LOVED.  But what I didn’t recognize… it was so-so at best.  If her current tour was similar at all, it would mean a lot of standing there waiting for the next hit.  Don’t get me wrong… I have a huge collection of her songs, and I love many of them.  But I challenge anyone to watch that Confessions tour DVD and tell me that they even recognize 2/3 of those songs, let alone enjoy them enough to spend a fair chunk of change to listen to.

So that brings me back to my current conundrum (that’s a word that I have to remember for Hanging With Friends!) …  Given everything that I know about the location, the unpredictability of the weather, the insane crowds, and the unlikelihood that Madonna will approach me to pre-approve her setlist, is this a concert that I would want to go see?

How about you?  Would YOU go see Madonna in Moncton July 20, 2012?

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