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Winter Wonderland

Published February 3, 2011 - 1 Comment

Yeah… I think my snowplow budget is blown for the 2010-11 season!  And we’re only half way through it!  I can’t believe how much has fallen, but I know that it could always be worse.  It can always be worse!

I managed to make my way down to my doctor’s appointment yesterday.  It was an interesting drive, but I made it!  Apparently I still have some yuckies in my left lung from the pneumonia, but that’s normal.  She wasn’t overly concerned about it.  As long as I’m feel better, it should go away on its own.  I then told her that I was Coke-free for almost 2 weeks, and no fast food either…  I’ve been taking my lunches to work… drinking a lot of water, and milk that I bring in.  Occasionally I have juice when I’m at home.  Yesterday I decided to switch to NO SALT cashews to snack on.  They’re just not the same… but better for me.  Still have all the fat of the others, but way less taste.  Yum.

When I got to work today, I told the guys about my poor customer service at Swiss Chalet on my days off.  One of the guys started to describe his favourite server.. the server that he will ask for… guess what?  Same guy!  Weird how different that server can be with different people!  But the local owner mentioned that when he called me… Some people ask for that server because they love him… others… not so much…