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Why is a Trip to Costco So Damn Expensive???

Published November 30, 2010 - 1 Comment

Our local Costco opened in May of this year.  I was reluctant to go into it for personal reasons, but those finally sorted themselves out.  Yesterday was the third time that I’ve stepped foot in that store, and the first time that I spent any money in there.  $421 worth!  I’m pretty sure that I had a mini-stroke when the girl announced the grand total to me.  She then suggested that I upgrade to their “black card” so I could earn 2% back.  It was all pretty much a haze at that point.  They guided me over to the customer service desk, and had me sign a couple of forms, swipe my debit card again, and stand for another lovely picture.  I can’t be sure, but I think that I might have signed away what was left of my soul.

Granted, not all of that $421 was mine.  And some of it was Christmas stuff that I would have spent whether it was at Costco, or the mall.  So it’s not completely horrendous.  But still… I remember from my old membership years ago how easy it is to spend money in there.  Everything looks so amazing in there.  Giant jars of cashews?  Who can saw no to those?  Packages of toilet paper that are too big to fit in your car?  If they can wrap plastic around it and sell it as “wholesale” they will!

It’s a neat store, but I don’t want to have too many trips like that.  At least not until my toilet paper runs out…