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Who’s Your Gnomie?

Published March 21, 2011 - 2 Comments

My sister and I have a longstanding disagreement regarding the existence of certain little human-like folk called Gnomes.  Ever since we were kids, she swore up and down that they were real.  That’s ridiculous!  Everybody knows that the Dwarfs drove them to extinction!  But that’s another story.

So I was tickled pink when I saw the first trailer for Gnomeo & Juliet, the retelling of a classic tragic love story from the point of view of two rival groups of garden gnomes.  I knew instantly that I wanted to take my sister to this movie.  We don’t hang out enough, and this was a chance for me to get some good ole fashion brother-sister teasing in, under the pretense of a sibling family outing.  Good times.

My sister operates in her own space-time continuum, meaning she was her usual late self getting to the theatre.  I was worried that we might not be able to find good seats.  Ha!  As we walked in and looked around… we were the only people in the theatre!  A mother-child couple arrived shortly after us to ruin the experience of having it all to ourselves.  That’s fine.  No one wants to waste that experience being there with their sister.

The movie is showing in 3D only at this theatre.  I wasn’t thrilled about that because I’ve had my fill of 3D movies.  Thankfully this movie actually took advantage of the 3D for more than just a few simple tricks… aka Toy Story 3 which I could have seen in 2D and been just as happy.

Elton Gnome

Gnomeo & Juliet is quite funny.  When the frog starts singing “Your love is doomed… your love is dead… doomed!  Doooooooooooomed!” I thought “how familiar!”.  Seeing “The Hoff”‘s head bouncing around on a computer screen saver was hilarious.  That reminds me… I need to go searching for that screen saver!

And if you go see this movie, you’d better like Elton John.  I think that every song used in the movie was his.  They even gave him his own gnome!

All in all, Gnomeo & Juliet was cute.  I’m sure that my kids are gonna love it when they finally get to see it… NOT in 3D!

Oh, how did this affect the longstanding belief that Gnomes are real and not imaginary creatures?  I’m sure that my sister’s delusions have only been reinforced by the experience.  Poor thing.