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Whohooo! For the Internet Wayback Machine!

Published September 9, 2011 - 3 Comments

One of the best kept secrets of the Internet is a little site called Archive.org and their Wayback machine.  This is a site that takes snapshots of websites all over the internet and archives them in a gigantic database that is accessible by everyone.  It’s quite incredible when you think about it.  I’m not talking strictly about major news sites and things like that.  I’m talking about ALL websites.  If you have an old website, chances are that you can find a snapshot of it in the Wayback Machine.  Or if your blog has evolved over time (as this one has) it can be fun to go back and see what it USED to look like at various points in time.  I have no idea what Archive.org uses to determine when it is going to take a snapshot, or for how long it will keep it, but I discovered 28 snapshots of this blog, going back to September 17, 2008.  That’s almost the very beginning of the blog!  That’s when I was hosting it on Blogger, and had no idea what I was doing.  Now I’m hosting on WordPress and have only a slightly better idea of what I’m doing!

I went back and made copies of the Blogger-era posts, because they are no longer part of this blog.  May 21, 2009 I abruptly took down the blog.  A few months later I relaunched it under a completely new platform.  I’ve always regretted not having those original posts.  I thought that some of them were quite good.  Actually, I managed to stumble across some backups on my own last year and re-posted them… but today’s find on the Wayback Machine is a much more exciting one.  It’s almost like the treasure hunter looking for a long-lost ship.  Almost.

I expect to sort through and repost some of these individually, but in the meantime, I thought that it  might be fun just to post some of the links and let you see what the blog USED to look like, and how it has evolved over time.  Different themes, messages of the day, links, etc… I wonder what it will look like in another 4 years?

Sept 17, 2008

Oct 18, 2008

Jan 30, 2009

Mar 1, 2009

Mar 31, 2009

May 1, 2009

Jan 15, 2010

Feb 3, 2010

Apr 4, 2010

Apr 30, 2010

May 31, 2010

Jun 27, 2010

Jul 31, 2010

Aug 20, 2010

Aug 30, 2010

Sept 20, 2010

Dec 6, 2010

Dec 26, 2010