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Where Are All the Chairs?? (repost)

Published October 2, 2011 - 4 Comments
[Originally posted Apr 4, 2009]

I went into the new Indigo bookstore yesterday.  It’s only the second time that I’ve been in it.  I wasn’t all that impressed the first time, but figured that I’d give it another shot.  Well…  I have to say, I won’t be bothered to go into it again any time soon.

For starters, it’s part of that damn East Point Shopping “complex” where there is only one route in, and one route out.  You’re forced to drive all the way around, so that it sort of sucks you into the area, and supposedly makes you want to visit the other stores while you’re there.  It has quite the opposite effect on me.  And don’t get me started on that damn floodlight on the roof.  How they ever managed to convince city council to let them mount that awful thing is beyond me.  The final straw came when I entered the bookstore and noticed that my initial fears held true…  there’s no damn seats in the store!

OK.. in fairness, there ARE a few seats, but not at all what I would expect to find in a brand new store.  The Chapters stores in Moncton and Fredericton both have plenty of cushy seating peppered throughout the store.  It’s great to be able to pick up a book and sit down for a few minutes to decide whether it’s worth purchasing.  Doesn’t Indigo WANT me to be comfortable?  Apparently not.  I actually saw an older gentleman squatting at the end of the aisle, while looking through a book.  How painful that must have been!

When a girl approached me and asked if she could help me find anything, my answer was “a chair!”.  She seemed a little taken back by that, and quietly said that she’d heard that before.  Then she walked off.  I don’t think that she was all that impressed.  I wish that I could have shown her the squatting fellow.

It’s a nice enough store, but I find the lack of comfortable seating (some of the few chairs are wicker… It might be artsy, but I don’t find it comfortable) to be a major nuisance.  Add that to the pain that it is to get into that area… well, I’d much rather order a book online, or pick something out of a smaller store like Coles.  Yes, it’s owned by the same people.. Indigo owns Chapters and Coles.. but it’s still a much better experience.  Oddly enough, Coles does not have seating, but the stores are smaller, and I don’t think people spend as much time browsing through their shelves as in an Indigo or Chapters store.

Bring me my chair!