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When is it Long Distance with a Cell Phone?

Published August 18, 2009 - 1 Comment

I got a copy of UR magazine in my mailbox, courtesy of Rogers Wireless.  It’s alot of fluff, but there was an article in there that caught my eye.

I’ve always found the whole concept of “when is it long distance?” to be a bit of a pain.  They wrote a nice little article which explained it. 

  1. Steve’s home in Calgary.  He calls a friend, locally in Calgary.  This is not long distance.
  2. Steve’s home in Calgary.  He calls a friend in Vancouver.  This is long distance.
  3. Steve’s visiting Vancouver.  He calls his friend in Vancouver.  This is considered a local call. 
  4. Steve’s still in Vancouver and his mom calls from Calgary.  Steve answers and long distance minutes are charged only to his bill because his mom has dialed a local number, not realizing her son was in Vancouver.
  5. Still in Vancouver, Steve’s Vancouver friend calls him this time.  Both are charged for long distance.  Since Steve’s number is in the 403 area code, his friend is making a long distance call.  As the call is received by Steve’s phone in Vancouver, Steve also incurs long distance charges.

The first two aren’t really rocket science, but I sometimes get confused with the other 3, and it was nice to actually see it written out. 

There was one other scenario that I thought of, because it happened to me recently. 

I called someone long distance, and left a voicemail for them asking to call me back.  Then I turned off my cellphone.  From their house to my number is a local call, but from where I was currently sitting would have been long distance had I answered (for me).  But because I didn’t have my phone turned on, I’m assuming that it would have just been a local call for them to my number / voicemail.

Who knows?  They didn’t call me back…[ad#AdBrite][ad#Adbrite Inline txt]