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When Harry Met WHO?

Published December 4, 2012 - 0 Comments

Standing at the Deluxe counter yesterday, waiting for my order to be cooked, and listening to the two young female employees talking:

“Apparently he and I aren’t allowed to be friends?  Guys and girls can’t be friends?  Guys have to have guy friends.. and girls have to have girl friends?  That doesn’t make any sense.  We can be just friends.”

I smiled to myself and said “I doubt either of you have seen When Harry Met Sally

“When Harry met WHO?”

That girl might as well have driven a stake through my poor heart… Oh, I’m getting old…  I was prepared for them to say that they hadn’t seen it… what I wasn’t prepared for was for them to not even know what it was.  In fairness one of them said that she knew “it was an old movie, well not that old,” but hadn’t seen it.  The other was completely clueless.

“It’s a movie based entirely on the the premise you’re talking about… that guys and girls can not be just friends…”

They gave me a half-hearted Oh, we’ll have to watch that.. and then went back to talking to each other… Oh my God.. that’s so highschool…. I thought we’re all adults…  Of course we can be friends…  Even if he is super hot

Someone take me out to the pasture…  please…