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What’s On YOUR iPod Playlist?

Published November 4, 2009 - 3 Comments

Wow..  the month of October went by in the blink of an eye!  And now Christmas is right around the corner?  What’s up with that?  I’m going to have to add a Christmas playlist to my iPod.  Oh boy.  Snoopy and the Red Baron ride again!

This month I made the administrative decision to move all my music from the external hard drive, back to my laptop.  It made sense (although I kept a backup on the external) because it made sorting the duplicates, typos, etc much easier when it was with me locally.  But it also screwed up how iTunes handled the music.  It was fixable on a song by song basis, and I tried it for a bit, but gave up in the end, and just wiped the iTunes files out, and started over from scratch.  That was about mid-October.  That means that this list is only accurate from that time, going forward.  Not that it really matters, since it’s only for my own benefit, but I like the trending.  And, I’m pretty sure that the top results didn’t change from when I had to wipe everything a couple of weeks into the month.

Good ole Def Leppard was at the top… no real surprise there.. Where Does Love Go When it Dies? That song just won’t go away.  Still waiting for them to release the answer to that question, though! I was more surprised to see 2 other instances of Def Leppard further down the list, but I guess I must’ve been listening to their playlist a couple of times.  I had the chance to see them in concert eons ago.  I was a little disappointed with the show, but I still love their music.

And here’s where it starts to get interesting.. (yeah, right..)   Number 2 song..  Get Up! By 50 Cent…   huh?  Where the hell did THAT come from?  I was going through some of the Top 100 countdowns that were on my drive.. just clicking on the songs and listening for about 3 seconds.. if I didn’t like what I heard in 3 seconds, it was gone, and onto the next one… and then I got to Get Up!  and my first thought was “I’ve heard this before!  But where?”  They used it in one of the So You Think You Can Dance routines.  And the more I listened to it, the more I felt my inner gansta came out.  (Oh c’mon.. if you know me, that must sound ridiculous…)  In a Top 25 of mostly SYW songs (only a few select people may know that reference… ie.. they’re slow… )Having 50 Cent blasting in my kitchen while I was making supper… well..  it’s kinda comical.  Especially considering I bought a big new hoodie, and liked to wear it while I was singing the chorus.. “Get up!”    If only I could have set my alarm clock to scream that at 5:15 in the morning!

Then came two dance tunes.. Evacuate the Dancefloor and Sexy Chick…  These are brand new, and quite catchy.  As the rollercoaster went up, I’d listen to them quite frequently.  The videos are very nice too!

And then the bottom fell out.

There’s not really much to talk about with the remaining 21 songs… most of them have been in the Top 25 before, and I’m pretty sure that the next 25 after that probably follow a similar theme.  I chuckled when I noticed O-Town’s All or Nothing in there.  O-Who?  I think that was one of those boy bands that got slammed together at the height of the “let’s make a boyband every single week” craze.  I didn’t even know that I had that song on my hard drive, and probably never listened to it until now.. but for whatever reason, All or Nothing seemed to catch my ear this month, and got played.. quite a bit..

This month I reset all the play counters, and removed some of the playlists from my iPod.  The songs are still there in the master playlist, but they’re jumbled in with almost 3000 other songs, so I doubt the frequency of play will be as high as they have been the last few months.


Where Does Love Go When it Dies Def Leppard
Get Up 50 Cent
Evacuate the Dancefloor (Radio Edit) Cascada
Sexy Chick David Guetta Feat Akon
Never Is A long Time Roxette
Never Say Never The Fray
Crash & Burn Savage Garden
Right Here Waiting Richard Marx
Happy Ending Mika
Book of Love Peter Gabriel
The Reason Hoobastank
You & Me Lifehouse
(You Want To) Make A Memory Bon Jovi
Have You Ever Needed Someone So Bad Def Leppard
Fast As I Can Great Big Sea
Trip Hedley
Tonight I Love You The Latency
All Or Nothing O-Town
Come With Me Phil Collins
Chasing Cars Snow Patrol
Here I Am Air Supply
We’ve Got Tonight Bob Seger
Time After Time Cyndi Lauper
Hysteria Def Leppard
Gotta Be Somebody Nickelback