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What’s New?

Published June 3, 2014 - 3 Comments

So what’s new?  What’s going on?  What’s shakin’?  It’s been 6 months!  C’mon… gimme something!  How’s the family?  Kids?  Work?  Latest plan for total world domination?  There’s gotta be something going on that’s newsworthy!

Ummm….     maybe?

It’s actually hard to believe that I’ve been away from here for 6 months!  Granted, at the time that I packed up shop, I never thought I’d be back.  Maybe a post here or there, but even that was in doubt.  My blog was sitting on a server in Powweb, and I had long given up hope of moving it to Dreamhost, where my new blogs had been opened.  I’d already spent money to renew Powweb’s hosting for a year, and didn’t like the fact that I was paying for 2 hosting companies.  But everything that I’d tried to move the files from one host to another failed.  I even bought a program that was supposed to make it seamless and I still couldn’t get it to work.  I’d pretty much given up on it.

It wasn’t until my vacation last month that I started to get the “blogging bug” again and sat down to try to migrate the blog again.  This time there was an urgency… I had cancelled my Powweb membership months ago, and they were only holding my blog until my pre-paid year was up: some time in June.  So if I wasn’t able to move this blog, it was either start from scratch (maybe not a bad idea, I dunno) or give up on it altogether.

If you’re reading this, then you probably have a pretty good idea what the outcome was.  I found a great little WordPress plugin called Duplicator that actually lived up to its name!  And better yet… it’s free!  I’ll probably write a post about this plugin later, but for now, suffice it to say… you wouldn’t be reading anything on this blog without Duplicator!  (The migration wasn’t 100% seamless.  You may have noticed a lack of pictures.  None of the pictures from previous posts moved over, so anything you see now is something that I’ve had to put in manually, but that’s fine.  I was worried about the years of writing… not the pictures that I borrowed from the Internet)

So what about you?  What’s new in your life?