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Welcome to the Age of the Terabyte

Published July 2, 2009 - 3 Comments

I just purchased my first 1TB external hard drive.  With so much of my entertainment content being delivered in digital format now, I couldn’t believe how quickly my 250GB drive got full.  Music, Movies, TV Shows, even music videos… it pushed my 250GB drive to the max.  It was time to step up to the plate with something that could handle the new digital demands.

Welcome to the age of the Terabyte.

I can still remember the day that I told people that I had purchased a 1GB drive.  “Why did you get that?  You’ll never fill that up” someone said to me.  No?  Well, maybe.  Of course, the same thing had been said again and again at various points in technology’s history.  The barriers continue to be broken.

The addition of my 1TB Seagate baby monster drive (they also have a 1.5TB which I would have gotten had it been on the shelf) hasn’t gone completely as planned.  I’m used to running my current drive through my XBox360, but the 1TB drive is formatted with NTFS, which is invisible to the XBox.  I tried reformatting it with exFAT (the only other option available to me in Vista) with the same results.  My smaller drive came formatted in FAT32, so I suppose that I could try that, but at the time it wasn’t an option available to me.  I’ve already started transferring files to the larger drive, so I will have to do a little more research.

So while I can not access my content directly from the drive to my TV, I can at least store the vast majority of it and transfer it as needed.  How many seasons of Two and Half Men am I going to watch in an evening anyway? That’s what I thought.

I wonder how long this drive will last until its full?

(update:  I tried a great little utility called Fat32Formatter, and with a 1 minute Quick Format, I am now able to read the 1TB drive with the XBox360)