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Welcome Back, Mr. Treadmill. It’s Been a Long Time. How’ve You Been?

Published April 26, 2011 - 16 Comments

I recently moved things around in the house again.  My bedroom is now shared with the washer/dryer, but that’s fine.  It makes for a nice cozy little room.  And let’s be honest… I spend far more time elsewhere in the house.  The living room, office, kitchen… my bedroom doesn’t need to be all that big. 

One of the advantages of moving rooms is that it opened up space for my sorely-neglected treadmill to be set up again.  I bought that treadmill last year, and in pure Stephen-fashion, I haven’t exactly been a faithful user.  So today I pulled myself out of bed, and threw on my sneakers and went for a 20 min walk.  I wasn’t exactly a stress-walk, but you have to start somewhere.  I watched an episode of The Sports Show With Norm MacDonald, so it was far from a boring tread.  (I’ll say “tread” rather than “workout” because, let’s be honest, there wasn’t much of a workout… although yeah, I did sweat a little… or as the ladies like to say, I glistened)

They say that you should reward yourself to stay motivated, so after I was done, I immediately ate the remaining 3 pieces of Twix that had somehow been forgotten last night, and polished them off with a glass of Coke… effectively nullifying (and then some!) any calories that I might have lost on my 20 min tread.  

But at least I can look my doctor in the eye on Friday when she asks me if I’ve started to exercise after our last meeting.  “Oh yes, Lisa…  I’ve gotten back on the treadmill”