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We Went Glamping!

Published June 2, 2014 - 0 Comments

I’m a little late getting to this post, but you’ve probably noticed that I’ve been playing with the blog layout again.  Always trying to improve!

May 17-19 was Victoria Day long weekend here, or as we usually like to refer to it as… the unofficial first day of summer.  If I had a cottage, this would have been opening weekend.  Unfortunately I don’t have a cottage (yet!) so I need something else to do.

*cue drum roll*

Have you ever heard of GLAMPING?  It’s short for “GLAMOUR CAMPING” and has been popular in parts of Europe for awhile.  Now it’s making its way over here!  Think of glamping as a cross between staying in a tent with all the luxuries of a hotel room.

In our case, we booked a weekend at Ridgeback Lodge in Kingston, New Brunswick.  Two years ago a young Dutch couple bought the lodge and decided to try to bring Glamping to the area.  Judging from their jam packed booking schedule, it appears to be successful!  I was looking through the guestbook, and even through the worst parts of winter there were entries from guests who were loving it, even if they couldn’t see outside!

There are two newly constructed dream domes, and in them you will 20140602-100456-36296496.jpgfind everything you need: electricity, wood stove, large comfortable bed, fully functional kitchen, BBQ, firewood, toilet, shower.  Nothing is forgotten.  The true piece-de-resistance is the wood-fired Japanese style hot tub.  You’ll have to venture outside for that, and it takes a few hours for the water to heat, but it’s so worth it… I can’t adequately describe how awesome it feels to sink into that huge hot tub and just relax.  You will spend your time wondering how to build one of these at your house.  Trust me.

Our weekend didn’t bless us with perfect weather, but that’s fine.  We found the dream dome so completely relaxing that we didn’t need to venture outside very often.  A quick look at the guest book showed many couples who had stayed over the harsh winter didn’t venture out either.  Sometimes it’s nice to just relax in a cozy little space.  You’ll probably start to question whether you truly require most of the “stuff” that you’ve acquired in your personal life.  We certainly did!

Jess put together a little video of our walk in from the car.  We wanted to relive the initial impression before we tainted it too much with our own personal belongings.  Feel free to pass it along!


As always… thanks for reading!