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WaS Goes Mobile!

Published April 16, 2010 - 0 Comments

People have mentioned that the blog is not mobile-friendly.  I never really thought much about it because I was not accessing it through a cell phone.  But as more and more people use mobile browsers to access their favourite content on the go, I decided that perhaps I should look into improving the mobile experience on the blog.

And that’s where the WordPress Mobile plugin comes in.  I actually tried installing it awhile ago, but I kept getting an error, so I gave up on it until tonight.  Tonight I was determined to figure it out and get it working properly.  Turns out that it’s not difficult to install at all, and had I actually read the readme file, I would have noticed that I needed to drop one file into a different directory than I normally do.  Voila!  That’s it.

In testing, I have to say that I don’t really care for what it does to the blog, but that’s probably because I have a full featured browser.  If I had a more limited browser, I think that the WordPress Mobile version would actually be much better.

So I’m looking for feedback if anyone would like to check out the blog through their mobile browser and tell me whether it’s acceptable to them, or if I should just remove it.  If you’re using a normal computer browser, you won’t notice any difference from what you’re used to.