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VGA Planets: Evil Empire – Turn 14 – The Sif Offensive (repost)

Published October 17, 2011 - 2 Comments
[Originally posted Mar 23, 2009]

“Deploy the Imperial Assault Storm Troopers!”

“Yes, sir”

And so it began… with those words, the Imperial Warship Gormagon launched the first Imperial Assault upon an enemy world.  The tactic had been perfected in combat simulations and exercises since the opening of hostilities with the Gorn Alliance, but until now, had not been attempted in theatre.  That was about to change.  The Emperor had ordered Gormagon to the Gorn planet of Sif, a largely insignificant planet with little defense, in response to the loss of IWS Destron two months prior. That earlier encounter provided the opening shots of the Gorn conflict, and had gone poorly for the newly commissioned destroyer Destron. Its captain’s final transmission confirmed what Imperial strategists feared all along.  The Gorn Alliance possessed cloaking technology.  Apparently the Destron had been surprised by a cloaking Lizard Class Cruiser, and was quickly overwhelmed.  Imperial Command ordered the immediate withdrawal of all vessels, with the exception of IWS Gormagon, which would deliver an Imperial Assault upon the planet Sif. It was thought that this planet would provide a toe hold in Gorn territory, and allow Imperial vessels to strike deeper into Gorn territory.  That was the Imperial plan.

The Gorn Alliance had a different plan.

“Captain, commanders on the ground report the total destruction of Gorn defenses.  The Imperial Assault was a success!”

“Excellent. Inform Imperial Command that the Gorn menace has been eradicated, and that we await the arrival of transport vessels to begin construction and colonization of Sif.  I am retiring to my quarters. Lieutenant, you have the bridge.”

“Yes, sir.”

“Sir! Contact bearing 128, Warp 9.  She’s coming right at us, sir.  And she’s big!”

The front display flickered to life, showing what appeared to be a Gorn ship of unknown class.  The tactical officer was right.  It WAS a large vessel, over twice as large as the Gormagon.

“Launch fighters!”

IWS Gormagon was fitted with 8 X-Ray lasers, hardly worth entering into battle with. Her main defense was the 35 fighters she brought with her, launched from 3 bays in her underbelly.  As the initial wave of fighters wave launched, the Gorn vessel powered its front cannons.  The first 6 fighters disappeared within 2 seconds.  The next 6 mere seconds after that.

“Incoming torpedoes!  Brace for impact!”

A barrage of MK-IV torpedoes easily negated Gormagon’s shields, breaching several hull decks, and sending Gormagon lurching to one side.  Her Captain ordered what remained of her X-Ray lasers to fire, but they were useless against the shields of the Gorn vessel.

“Signal Imperial Command!  Gorn Battleship located at Sif!  Retreat impossible!”

“Captain, the Gorn vessel is blocking all transmissions.  There is a loud hissing sound on all frequencies.  It’s impossible to tell what is being said for sure, but it sounds like …”

A second barrage of torpedoes broke the spine of the Gormagon. She erupted in a bright explosion that could be seen clearly from the planet’s surface.  Imperial ground commanders suddenly lost contact with their support vessel.  It would not matter.  Within seconds a massive planetary bombardment ensued, raining plasma cannons and torpedoes upon the assault teams.  The mass confusion gave away to silence.  Only the smoldering remnants of twisted landing craft remained.

Sif had fallen.