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U-Haul? U-Suck!

Published June 16, 2009 - 1 Comment

Apparently the third time’s a charm. In this case it was. I’d tried twice already to rent a truck to move the remaining items from my old stomping ground to my new chateau in the country. Most of my things had been brought up over the time that I’ve been there, but I hadn’t yet figured out a way to fold the mattress into the trunk of my car, and I don’t know anyone with a truck. I’ve stalled long enough, but my ex is moving ahead with plans to sell the house, so it was time to get my larger items out of there.

U-Haul is an amazing service. For only $19.19 you can rent a truck large enough to move a 1-2 bedroom worth of stuff. Other than the mattress and boxspring, I had 3 dressers, my bike, a chair, small table and a few boxes of things that weren’t important enough for me to have moved already. It really wouldn’t take very long to pack those up, and unload them at the new place.

The problem wasn’t time. The problem was money. $19.99 sounds great until they tell you that it’s $0.69/km for mileage. At that point, you’ve taken possession of the truck, but you haven’t actually DRIVEN it anywhere. For some reason, that doesn’t sound too bad until you actually start watching the kilometers tick away during the drive. $115 later, plus the $36 in gas, and I had all my worldly possessions packed away in the garage. I’m not even sure that I own $150 worth of crap in the garage, but if I do, at least it’s now closer to me.

Time to start putting the pieces of the puzzle together, and figure out where everything should go.