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Two More Blogs

Published August 9, 2010 - 2 Comments

I’m happy to report that two more blogs have been created from friends of WaS!

http://dreamgirlwrites.wordpress.com/ went live yesterday and looks like it’s going to interpret dreams. I think that’s really neat! Often wondered about my own sometime.

And http://on-my-path.blogspot.com is an interesting blog run on Blogger that covers one of my best friend’s hobbies… Dressing up like a medieval knight and getting the he’ll beat out of him. Somehow I expect that he will explain it a little better than I can!

I don’t know what this post will look like on my own blog. I’m writing it on my iPhone and the application doesn’t seem to be working too well. The characters are invisible. Not good! So if it looks a little messed up, you know why!

Happy blogging, everyone!