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Turning Point – The Scorpius Campaign

Published April 12, 2010 - 1 Comment

After the fall of the homeworld Sanstrious, the combined Gorn-Pirate fleet wasted little time pushing further into Colonial territory.  Although it was once thought that the remnants of the Colonial fleet were scattered and attempting to withdrawal into Empire space, the Gorn fleet commander anticipated stiff resistance in key planetary systems.  Scorpius would be the first test of that resistance.

Long range sensors detected the planet protected behind multiple overlapping minefields.  Although no vessels had been tracked heading into Scorpius, the Gorn commander was certain that the planet was heavily mined for a reason.  He ordered his fleet through the tangle of space mines.  Heavy phasers attempted to clear a path, but still the mines proved their worth.  Olympix, a T-Rex battleship sustained major damage as an explosion ripped through the the aft section of the vessel.  She immediately dropped to warp 8, and began emergency battle-repair operations.  Extensive repairs would have to wait.  Olympix was going into battle with the fleet whether she was 100% or not.

As the great fleet emerged from warp to surround the planet, the Gorn commander was surprised to see the number of Colonial and Federation ships in orbit.  Somehow the Federation had managed to linkup  with their Colonial allies, and move undetected into the area.  No matter, he thought.  They would die soon enough as well.

A single Colonial battlestar immediately began to launch its waves of fighters.  Over 100 of the fighters appeared on radar screens within seconds.  Gorn battleships are ferocious warrior vessels, but fare more poorly against carriers than torpedo vessels.  The two lead T-Rex battleships, Terr and Ktsucks took the brunt of the fighter assault wave.  Each vessel managed to destroy dozens of the tiny killers, while launching their torpedo salvos into the hull of the Colonial carrier, Anson. Massive damage was inflicted to the Colonial carrier before they themselves were ultimately destroyed in 2 brilliant flashes of light.

The Gorn pressed on.  Aboard his flagship, the lone Lizard carrier Vernin, the Commander ordered his own fighters to attack.  The Gorn preferred their T-Rex battleships, but the Vernin was still a formidable opponent.  The Commander sought to prove this with a decisive battle.  He would not be disappointed.

Gorn fighters swarmed the crippled Anson, pummeling her with concentrated strikes.  The massive warship could not react quickly enough.  She listed to her port side, and began to break up.  Gorn pilots were ordered to withdrawal and avoid destruction as the Anson erupted into explosion… taking 1667 lives with her.  Human lives.  The Gorn Commander’s reptilian flesh creased in what could only be described as a wicked smile of satisfaction. 

Without the Anson to protect the remainder of the Colonial-Federation fleet, they did not last long.  Vernin’s fighters successfully destroyed a total of 5 combat vessels,and 2 vital transports.  The crew of a smaller transport signaled their surrender,were boarded, and promptly ejected into the dead of space.  The Gorn did not take prisoners.

While this battle was ensuing, the Pirate carrier Arturo Miranda was caught in a life and death struggle against the defenses of the orbiting starbase, and ground-based planetary systems.  The Gorn Commander thought this a foolish waste, yet silently applauded.  Better to use Pirate cannon fodder than his own troops.  Their carrier was no match for the defenses on Scorpius, but it did soften the target nicely, allowing his own battleships to destroy what was left.  An unfortunate loss was the battleship Olympix, which had sustained heavy damage from a mine earlier.  Such a loss was acceptable to the Gorn Commander.

At the end of the day, the planet below had been reduced to a wasteland.  Twisted wreckage cluttered the planetary orbit.  The carrier Vernin had single-handedly destroyed the majority of the enemy fleet, while sustaining relatively minor damage herself.

There would be no lull on the battlefront, though.  Long range scanners detected a Colonial task force, consisting of another Battlestar, destroyer, and cruiser heading straight for Scorpius… with another Battlestar close behind that one.

Apparently the humans had decided not to scatter like cowards after all.