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Today’s New Word – Cystoscopy

Published January 11, 2010 - 2 Comments

.. and we’ll insert a tube through the urethra, pump some sterile water in, and look and see what’s going on inside your bladder.

Pardon me?  Insert a tube where?

Through the urethra.

And that’s in my penis, right?

Yes, but don’t worry.  We’ll use a local anesthesia.  You shouldn’t feel much at all.

That sounds lovely, Doctor… but we hardly know each other.  Don’t you think we should spend a little time together first.  Maybe go for dinner.  Catch a movie?  We seem to be moving awfully fast.

You’ll be fine…

Hmm… in the never-ending search to figure out what might be causing me some of my discomfort, we’ve graduated from the fun ultrasounds, to the not-so-fun-sounding cystoscopy.  I’m pretty easy-going when it comes to all this stuff.  I gave up being shy way back when I joined the military.  So I’ve been ok with them poking around down there, but until now everything has been external… not internal.  (Oh, except for that prostate exam. Yikes!) Why can’t the ultrasound peek through the layers of fat and look into my bladder?  It was good enough for my kidneys, and whatever else they were curious about.  But now they need a better look, and apparently that means going up there with a camera!

Naturally I’m a little uneasy about this procedure, but I understand why its necessary.  And from everything that I’ve read, it’s very quick and I really shouldn’t feel much.  Apparently there are far worse things that they could be doing through that passageway, so I’m hoping that this is a one-time only occurrence, and they find what they’re looking for. 

Ahh… the joys of getting older…