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Time to Get the Ball Rolling

Published April 5, 2011 - 3 Comments

Getting started is the hardest part

I made sure to be in bed by midnight last night, but that still didn’t help when my alarm started screaming at 7am.  This is my day off.  Aren’t I supposed to stay up until 3am, sleep until the afternoon, and bitch and complain that I never have time to get anything done?  That does sound familiar, doesn’t it?  But today I’m going to try something new.  I put myself on a schedule.

I may have been in bed at midnight (ok, closer to 12:20 by the time I shaved and washed up), but I didn’t fall asleep until 1am.  Still, that would be fine.  Six hours of sleep was actually a little more than I sometimes get when I’m going to my day job, so I was still comfortable with the idea of getting up at 7am.  Until 7am arrived.  Then my natural desire to throw the alarm across the room and go back to sleep took over.  It took a full 20 mins before I finally pulled my lazy ass out of bed. But that’s fine…  I had scheduled an hour for getting going in the morning,which included getting up, having a bath, getting dressed and eating breakfast.  My idea of making bacon and eggs turned into 2 slices of toast, but we have to adapt the plan as the situation on the ground changes, right?

So now I’m clearly in the middle of my Write-Click time… at least until noon, then I’m going to make lunch and clean the house.  Computer time will be over.  I need to stick with this because I tend to waste way too much time in front of my Mac, and the productivity level just isn’t there yet.

Why the change, you ask?  I’m unhappy with how little I’ve accomplished with Write-Click Media.  All my dreams, hopes and desires don’t amount to much when I don’t have anything to show for it.  Things at my day job have taken another turn for the worse, as I try to isolate my feelings and keep them from getting in the way of what needs to be done.  It’s pointless.  It is what it is, and I need to accept that and move on.  Write-Click was supposed to be the vessel for taking me to a completely new level, and I have to wonder whether that would have happened by now had I not been emotionally derailed for the last 2 years.  Yikes!  Has it been that long?  Yes… yes it has..  🙁

Anyway… I’ve tried time and time again to get the ball rolling, but momentum is one of the hardest things to achieve.  See that big rock in the picture?  That’s my life!  Not just Write-Click… not just Steve 2.0…  but pretty much my entire life at the moment.  But I know that once I get that ball moving a little bit… just a tad… that momentum will gradually take over, and things will become easier.

Well, I should be signing off now.  I have an article to write for one of my niche sites.  I’ve been putting it off for the last 2 months, but I can’t do that any longer.  I need to push on that rock a little and see what happens…

Thanks for reading!