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The Wonderful World of Bacon (mmmmmm… bacon…)

Published August 4, 2009 - 1 Comment

OK, these guys have figured it all out.  The Grateful Palate is a site dedicated to all things BACON! I can’t believe that it’s taken me this long to stumble onto this little gem.  I also can’t believe some of the things that they’ve got here.  Bacon popcorn? You’d better believe it!  Hey, if we can have ketchup and BBQed flavoured popcorn, then why can’t we have bacon flavoured? Prefer something a little more subtle?  How about a bacon air freshener! Perfect for the bathroom.  And speaking of bathrooms…  imagine the endless conversations spawned as your party guests discover bacon toilet paper when the slip off to do their thing.

Bacon-TP Although, at $10 a roll, you might not want to leave it out for too long!

Perhaps the best part of the site…  for the low, low price of $190-$375, you can join up for the Bacon of the Month Club and have “a different artisan bacon delivered to your door each month”. I’m in heaven!