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The Unfriendly Giant Visited Me Last Night!

Published June 11, 2010 - 6 Comments

I’ll admit… I have not been sleeping very well the last couple of nights… I’ve been sort of dozing off, and waking up at the sound of any incoming email into my inbox.  It’s probably not a great thing, but hey… it’s what I do.

So last night I heard the “ding!” and reached over to see what was there.  It was really late (3:03am!), so I figured that it was spam or something uninteresting.

Hmmm… a comment on the blog? From someone I didn’t know?  As much as I like getting slammed by my friends, I enjoy seeing comments from new readers.  So I went in to take a look at it…

Back in March, I posted about  The Unfriendly Giant, a hilarious radio parody of CBC’s The Friendly Giant.  I used to have a cassette tape with several episodes, but lent it to someone who never returned it.  That was eons ago, and I never thought that I would ever hear Unfriendly again…

Well last night the blog was visited by someone called DividableFiend, who left a comment with a link to that  very same long-lost Unfriendly cassette, in online streaming format!  I couldn’t believe it!  I haven’t listened to them all yet… I’m savoring this… but it really put a smile back on my face!

Curious about The Unfriendly Giant?  Just click here.

As a side note, ever since I posted that first one back in March, I have seen many blog hits with the search term “unfriendly giant” in the log.  It’s one of the more popular search terms that bring people here.  Seems that I’m not the only one interested in finding long lost episodes of the radio spoof.  I’m sure that they were disappointed when they got to my blog and it didn’t have any useful information for them.

MANY THANKS to DividableFiend for the comment last night!

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