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The Reason For Reposts

Published September 30, 2011 - 4 Comments

There seems to be some confusion about the posts that are marked as (repost).  I laughed last night, and it’s not the first time someone has gotten all confused.

“I read that one already.”

Umm… no.. no you did not.

The posts that are marked as (repost) are some of the “lost posts” that were part of WhatAboutStephen.com before May 21, 2009.   This blog looked entirely different back then.  It ran on Blogger for starters.  Now it runs on WordPress.  It did not include pictures or movies or links.. or anything… it was pretty much strictly just me babbling in txt form.

Something happened on that day to make me take the blog down, and I didn’t think to save any of my work.  At the time, I didn’t think that I’d even blog again, so I wasn’t thinking about saving any of the old stuff.  After a month or so I started the blog again, but those older posts were gone… forever… or so I thought.

There are still plenty of posts that are missing, but I’ve found a few old pages. And of THOSE, I’ve decided to post some of the ones that I liked for whatever reason.  Very few people reading this blog now would have seen those old ones, and even if they did… well there still might be some value in there somewhere.

So it’s not me just grabbing older posts and posting them at the front of the queue.  My numbers do not reflect these posts, because they are not hosted here.

Clear as mud?

Hope so!

Thanks for reading!  🙂