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The Name’s Bonded… James Bonded…

Published September 16, 2009 - 4 Comments

I like to brush my teeth.  What can I say?  I like clean teeth.  I haven’t had a cavity since I was just a young child.  But apparently it IS possible to brush too much, or at the very least, to cause damage by brushing improperly.

I’ve never liked soft toothbrush bristles.  I’ve always preferred the hard ones.  Yup, the ones that your dentist tells you to clean your toilet with.  I grudgingly stopped using them a couple of years ago when I noticed that my front teeth seemed to be wearing away.  I thought that it was the gum, but it wasn’t.  The enamel was actually starting to wear down.  Soon there was a noticeable divot across two or three of my top front teeth; noticeable to me, but apparently not noticeable to anyone else. (So they say, anyway.)  Still, I knew that they were there.  I didn’t like the look of them.  And then the sensitivity started to set in.

So along with a new toothbrush, I now also had a new toothpaste.  Sensodyne.  It’s not cheap, but it seemed to do the trick.  There were a few times when I went without it for a bit, and the sensitivity returned, so I generally tried to make sure that I had some at all times.

At my last regular checkup, I mentioned to my dentist that I was using the soft toothbrush, and the Sensodyne, but I was noticing that there were times when I could still feel sensitivity.  It seemed completely random, not timed with having hot or cold drinks. He said that it was probably time to get some bonding onto the teeth.


Apparently they would round the edges a little, and put bonding material into the divots, and then smooth it out.  It would only take about 30 mins.  Sounds great.  My biggest question was why he hadn’t told of this option a couple of years ago?  I didn’t bother to ask though.

So I made the appointment for the bonding.

As I’m laying there in the chair with my mouth wide opened in what I’m assuming is a horrible frozen expression, I’m writing this blog post in my head.  The closest thing I can think of would be that he crack filled my teeth.  He slapped a bunch of white stuff into the spot where there should have been enamel, and then sanded it down to match the rest of the teeth.  It looks much better, although it’s white and it really shows how “not white” my teeth have become over the years.

I’m sure that a few bottles of Coke will fix that right up!