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The Material Girl Proves Popular on WaS

Published October 14, 2011 - 0 Comments

Last night I was sitting at work, and noticed that something interesting was happening on my blog.  I was getting traffic… a lot of traffic… well, not compared to established blogs, but certainly way more than my little blog had ever gotten!  I had a mini-viral monster on my hands!

OK, not viral in the sense of Rebecca Black’s Friday, or some guy getting kicked in the nuts… but for my little blog… a huge spike!

When I saw on Twitter that Madonna was rumoured to be coming to Moncton next summer, I decided to write a little post about it. It’s nothing overly profound. Just a quick note mentioning how I had seen a few concerts at Magnetic Hill, and how the venue has become a world class concert attraction. I questioned whether Madonna was enough to get me to go back there again… I still don’t know. Yes, I do enjoy her music… I’m just not 100% sure that I would go back to Magnetic Hill after what happened at U2.

Anyway… I wrote the post.. put a picture and a link to a Madonna insider blog that broke the story, and clicked publish.


That was at 8:30 PM…

I noticed that people started coming to the blog almost immediately, even though I did not mention it on Twitter or anywhere else. Google had picked it up instantly and put it on the first page for the keywords “Madonna Moncton”… As I refreshed my stats page more and more people were hitting the post. Most of them were from Google, but then I noticed some were being referred from Facebook, so somehow it got posted there too!

Then I started seeing referral links from Google, Ask, Bing, Yahoo, Facebook, and eventually Twitter…

The previous traffic high was 188 hits back in August of last year… in 3 hours I was at 239 views… By the time midnight came I had almost 250, and then the reporting software reset at the start of the new day.  At that point, if you did a search for “Madonna Moncton” I was listed in second position, below the Madonna insider blog!  The only mainstream news site to write about it was Global New Atlantic, and I was ahead of them!

I knew that it couldn’t last forever though. As of today, I have been pushed down several positions, as the main news sites published their material, and bumped me down.  My little blog doesn’t have the clout to fend off those large sites, but I am still on Google’s first page, and still the highest ranking amateur blog there!  The traffic has slowed down, but I still finished the day with 453 visitors!  That’s pretty impressive!

I completely realize that this is an anomaly, and a matter of luck on my part that I was basically the first person to write a blog post about Madonna coming to Moncton… these numbers will die off over the next couple of days, and I don’t know if I will ever be able to replicate them on this blog.  But it’s been an interesting exercise to watch, and I think I’ve learned a couple of lessons from this that I hope to implement in the coming days.  And who knows?  Maybe I’ll gain a couple of new readers in the process!  🙂

Here is a screenshot of what I see when I look at my blog stats.

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