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The Man in the High Castle

Published December 6, 2015 - 2 Comments

Did you know that Amazon has a streaming content service like Netflix, CraveTV, or Shomi?  Neither did I! Well, I think a part of me was vaguely aware of it, but I had no real reason to give it much thought.  I’m sure that they have pretty much the same thing as everyone else… a bunch of older seasons of shows that I don’t watch.  Netflix has original content that sets it apart from the others, but it’s the only one.  Or is it?

Apparently not only does Amazon Prime instant video stream your favourite movies and TV shows, but they have original programming too!  Sure, they’re lagging behind Netflix, but something tells me that the next couple of years are going to be very interesting in the world of original content streaming.

Case in point?  I recently saw an article in the news about Amazon getting in hot water with some people in New York City because of promotional signage they had purchased on public transit depicting Nazi imagery.  Huh?  What do Nazis have to do with New York City?  Turns out that Amazon has a new original series called The Man in the High Castle (based off of a book of the same name written in 1962 by Phillip K Dick).  The series takes place in an alternate reality where the Allies lost World War 2.  The United States is divided into three zones; the Greater Nazi Reich in the east, the Japanese Pacific States in the west, and a small neutral zone in the middle.

I’m not entirely sure that Amazon wasn’t looking to create a little controversy, but either way, I would never have heard of this show if it wasn’t for the news.  Mission accomplished.  And that would have been a shame because The Man in the High Castle is a very solid story.  It’s not for everyone, but with so much mind-numbing drivel out there, this show deserves to be noticed.  Unfortunately if you don’t have Amazon Prime (and it’s not available outside the USA) your only hope of watching The Man in the High Castle is to download it from a Torrent site.  It’s worth it though.