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The Hurt Locker

Published December 19, 2009 - 0 Comments

I’m not normally into independent films.  I don’t think that I make a conscious decision to avoid them.  I think that it’s more of a lack of awareness that they even exist.  And that’s a shame because I watched a very good one recently.  I remember seeing a preview for The Hurt Locker in the theatre, and then never thought anything more of it.  I don’t know if I even remember it being released in our local theatres.  Because it’s an independent film, it probably didn’t get the promotion that it deserved.  Too bad.  I only recently was reminded that it existed from seeing it posted on a Top 20 list of must-see movies for 2009.  And I agree absolutely.

This is a movie about a bomb disposal team in Iraq, and to say that it’s intense would be an understatement.  The main character is pretty much insane (my words.. I don’t think that you’ll see that in any official synopsis), and takes risks that make the rest of his team more than a tad uneasy.  The whole thing is shot in an extremely authentic way.  There’s no spit and polish in the making of this film.  It’s quite refreshing.

I highly recommend this one.