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The Fall

Published February 9, 2011 - 1 Comment

I was doing quite well. Probably the best attempt I’ve ever made. I’d have to go back and count the exact number of days, but I think that it’s fair to say that I was Coke-free for at least 2 weeks, and that’s quite an accomplishment for me. Yesterday was kinda blah though, and I turned to my sweet savoury elixir of sugary yumminess… and promptly fell off the bandwagon, and onto my face. It could have been much worse, I suppose. I didn’t down a 2L bottle or anything… but still… 🙁

So I every time I step on the scale, I seem to be swinging from one opposite to the other… I don’t know how I can possible have a 6 lb difference in one day, but I was way up one day.. and then down 4 lb from that point, the next day or two. Kinda disheartening to cut out the Coke (at that point) and cut back on other things, only to be up 6 lbs? One very interesting little milestone yesterday (prior to the blahness) was when I took my blood pressure reading and put it in my phone, the program gave me a half yellow, half red circle beside the entry! That’s the first time that it hasn’t shown me a skull and crossbones! (Kidding.. it’s usually a red circle) So yesterday morning my blood pressure was getting better. I haven’t bothered to check it today. It’ll probably just depress me, so why bother?

I’m cooking a turkey in the oven right now. I let Paul have the honour of naming it… he went with Brett. Yeah, Paul’s into football… so we’re eating Brett tomorrow for supper. Somehow that just sounds wrong, but oh well.. it is what it is… I have a big day tomorrow, and I don’t think that I’m going to feel much like cooking when I get home, so this bird will have to do us for a few days. Or Paul is going to have to learn how to cook! Yeah, that’ll be the day.

Starvation is always a great way to lose a few pounds though…