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The 200th Post

Published December 18, 2009 - 2 Comments

This marks the 200th post since the re-design of WhatAboutStephen in its current form.. ie Chapter 2.  I went back and read several of the posts, from June until now.  Some are serious. Others are funny. Some are technical.  Others are sad. And some are just plain dumb.  Some I regret posting.  Most I do not. 

When I started the blog, I really had no idea what to expect.  I wrote for the enjoyment of it.  An outlet.  I really wasn’t too concerned whether anyone really read it or not.  Sometimes I pretended that no one was reading it.  Sometimes I liked to think that I had a worldwide audience, and this was my chance to say something to them.

Since that time, I’ve watched the numbers slowly start to climb.  I think that I’ve said this before.  I have no illusions of what this blog is to most people.  I’m not expecting to post spectacular numbers here, and that’s just fine with me.  I’ve been able to use some of what I’ve learned from this project in other areas.  That’s motivation enough for me.

It is interesting to see where the readers are coming from.  I think that I’ve successfully reached all the continents now.  I’d love to see more people comment on the posts, because it fascinates me to understand what brings people here.  Google Analytics is a wonderful tool to see where people are coming from, and what keywords are directing them to the site… but even more than that, I’d love to see more people join the converstation (to borrow from overly-used social networking jargon), because the comments mean more to me than the analytics.  To that point, I’ve even approved comments that haven’t exactly been flattering.  My only rule is that they aren’t offensive to me, or my readers.  I know that’s a judgement call, but hey… I have yet to block a single comment.

I do enjoy reading other people’s blogs, and know that my writing has inspired at least one other blogger to publish their own.  That’s a good feeling.

And now, as I click on the “publish” link, the 200th post goes live.

Thank you for reading!