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Tell Me Why.. I Don’t Like Mondays!?

Published November 17, 2009 - 1 Comment

Yeah.. it’s Tuesday.. I know..  get over it.  It’s just a title  🙂

I’ve been on a domestic binge today!  Cooking, cleaning, laundry.. oh yeah.. I’m a regular Martha Stewart.. well, except that she probably doesn’t do ANY of that stuff.. but you know what I mean.

I got a little distracted while making supper tonight, though.  To the point where I was cooking supper, running water in the kitchen sink for the dishes, and suddenly found myself standing in front of my whiteboard planning out my next attack on the world of internet commerce.  And then I heard it.

It sounded like bacon sizzling, which was very ironic, because I WAS cooking bacon.  But this was much louder than the bacon had been a moment before.  I ran back to the kitchen to figure out what was wrong.. it wasn’t the bacon…  the sound was coming from around the corner… where the sink is…

Apparently I had left the water running for the dishes, and it was spilling out all over the floor, sounding very much like a large pan of hot grease.  Lovely.  After shutting it off, and grabbing a mountain of dry towels, I then tried to reach into the sink to pull the plug.  I guess I hadn’t left both hot and cold water running.  Just the hot stuff.  The REALLY hot stuff.  It’s amazing how little tolerance I have for burning pain.

And now I see that I’m out of brown sugar!  How on earth am I going to finish these sweet and sour meatballs without it?

One thing leads to another!   😉