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Telemarketer Madness!

Published September 24, 2009 - 6 Comments

I’m generally the most patient person you’re ever going to meet.  There are a few exceptions… I hate waiting in lines, I don’t particularly enjoy waiting on hold, and I loathe telemarketers, especially the uncooperative ones!

Circumstances dictate that my telephone number is the same one that my Grandmother had for years.  She appears to be a favourite of telemarketers.  So much so, that I can look and see the exact same numbers on the call display over and over, sometimes less than 20 minutes between calls.  That’s persistence!

Sometimes I answer and hang up.  Sometimes I don’t answer.  Lately I’ve found that when I answer, there’s no one there.  That’s frustrating.  Sometimes when I answer, and explain that I’m not the person who made those “generous donations in the past”, and that my Grandmother hasn’t lived here in over 2 years, the person is understanding and says that they will remove her from their list.  Sometimes, they ask me to carry on the tradition of my Grandmother.  And then sometimes, they tell me that only my Grandmother can have the number removed, and ask how they can contact her.

That’s what happened tonight.

I don’t normally snap.  And I’m sure that the person on the other end of the phone has heard much worse, but for me, it was snapping.

“Well she’s never going to answer this phone, so stop calling!”

And then I hung up.

I can actually understand when they try to get me to carry supporting whatever cause they’re trying to raise money for.  What I CAN’T understand is when one of them tries to argue with me when I tell him (It’s almost always a man) that I was not the one who made that donation.  I had one tell me that yes, it was me, because this is my phone number.  I hung up on him too.

I think that I’m going to start forwarding these people’s calls to someone else!