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Talk Talk (Google vs Skype)

Published September 11, 2010 - 2 Comments

So Google now allows you to make voice calls through Gmail… putting it in direct competition with Skype. That’s not exactly news, but I’ve been slow getting around to writing about it. Some people may have noticed the inclusion of Skype buttons along the side of the blog. They don’t seem to be accurately showing my online status, but I’m working on it.

I’ve been using Skype for years… way before most people had even heard of it. I actually did a presentation in my Management Information Systems class on Skype. That was in 2004. No one had a clue what Skype or VoIP was, but my group allowed me to run with it, and we got an A. The professor was quite amazed when I demonstrated how I could call people’s cellphones from my laptop. Magic!

I really haven’t used Skype too much, though. Skype is only good if there’s someone to talk to, and getting my friends to use it hasn’t been easy. But with the new push into a more business-orientated mindset, I’m going to make Skype a bigger part of my life. It’s installed on my laptop, and my iPhone. I have a business contact in the States that I’m looking quite forward to testing it out with. And maybe I can even get my kids using it with their netbooks.

So which is the better service, though? Google or Skype? I honestly have no idea. I have not tested Google Talk yet, but I’m curious about it.

Then again… if no one else uses it, there’s really not much of a point, is there?

So if you’re interested in chatting sometime, let me know!