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I’m Back… Sort Of…

Published October 15, 2010 - 6 Comments

Some readers may have noticed that there’s been a bit of a lull in blog activity lately.  It’s true… I haven’t done much writing, but I haven’t exactly abandoned the blog either.  You can see that it looks a tiny bit different than it used to.  Although it’s still in the very rough stages of a major upgrade, I thought that it might be a good idea to peel back the curtain a little and let readers take a peek at WhatAboutStephen 2.5.

The blog now runs the WordPress Thesis theme, which is a premium (ie cost money) theme… as opposed to all the free themes that you may or may not have witnessedover the last year and a half.  Why would I shell out nearly $200 (cha ching!) for a premium theme?  Well… that’s a license fee which can be used on any of my blogs, and not simply this one.  I consider that to be an investment, not only in the blog… but in my future.  Thesis is generally considered to be the premium WordPress theme (although there are plenty of other very capable ones out there) due to its top-notch code and customizability.  One Thesis blog can look completely different from the next Thesis blog.  That’s obviously important when setting up multiple blogs.  I wanted to standardize on something, yet I didn’t want readers to see the same thing over and over.  The backend portion that the reader does not see will look identical from blog to blog, allowing me to not have to reinvent the wheel every time.  That’s a good thing! How smart is your Theme?  How good is your support? Check out ThesisTheme for WordPress.

I had originally thought that I might like to work with Thesis myself, but after dabbling in it for awhile, I’ve now decided to outsource that entirely, and concentrate on content creation and building my brand.  It’s actually exciting to start looking at different virtual assistants specializing in Thesis development.  And it’s not very expensive either.  I’m thinking that it’s in my best interest to let someone who knows what they’re doing get everything set up for me, and focus on the things that I’m good at.  Whatever those are!  🙂

So… having said that… hopefully the next post/update will show off a completely new, totally redesigned WaS blog.  And baring some minor tinkering, I don’t expect to make any more changes to the blog for awhile.  It’s time to get the ball rolling on other things.

Here’s something that I found a few days ago that I really got a kick out of.  Remember all those Old Spice commercials?  This is a Sesame Street parody… if you don’t laugh at this… well…  (After I wrote that, I watched as my co-worker stared blankly at this video… no heart, I tell ya!  No soul…  sad…  But *I* thought it was funny!)

So what else is going on?  Hmmm…  I noticed that this is the 499th blog post!  That means that the next one will not only showcase an entirely new professional-looking blog… but will also be the 500th post!  Yes, I would have hit that milestone sooner had I kept all the Blogger posts from version 1.0 of the blog, but oh well.  Stuff happens.

Speaking of stuff happening, this is the ominous anniversary of one of those things that always seems to happen when you least expect it to.  Two years seems like just yesterday for some reason.

On the flipside, I’ve actually stumbled into a relationship that doesn’t appear to be faltering. Hmm…  Curious.   [UPDATE: Less than 24 hours after writing that, it faltered.  Somethings never change.]

I’ve decided to make an investment in my business, and really put it to the test.  The Thesis theme was the first step.  You will also notice a professional Aweber email notification system being implemented in the next version.  As well as some behind the scenes marketing stuff that should either make or break my dreams of taking Write-Click Media to the next level.  How do they put it?  Shit or get off the pot?  Well.. it’s time to shit.

That’s pretty much it in a nutshell.  I’m excited to see what the future has in store for me…  And whether or not I can pull off this winter scruffy-appearance for much longer!

Stay tuned!

Old Spice Marketing Campaign

Published July 14, 2010 - 1 Comment

A couple of weeks ago I mentioned the hilarious Old Spice commercial that I was forced to sit through before my movie started.  Since then, I’ve noticed a brand new one on TV.  While I don’t find it nearly as funny as the original, it’s still much better than most of the garbage that appears on TV.

Then yesterday I noticed a tweet from someone I follow locally who mentioned loving the commercials and YouTube videos.  At first I assumed that she was referring to the commercials being posted on YouTube.  Then I noticed that she was following someone on Twitter called @OldSpice.  When I clicked the link, I discovered a whole new world… a huge social media marketing campaign revolving around the Old Spice man from the commercials!

I started to watch some of the YouTube videos.  Many of them are hilarious!  But what makes them special is that they are interacting directly with people who have posted comments or questions via social networking sites like Twitter and Facebook.  These videos are personalized responses, and not just canned marketing blurbs.  It’s amazingly refreshing!  (Although a little overwhelming to see so many tweets flooding in)

I think that it’s a fantastic idea, and I really hope that other companies take note!  It’s getting a lot of attention.  Here are just two examples of the 177 (and growing rapidly) videos.  I think that I’m going to have to start making a list of my favourites!  🙂

If You Have to Sit Through an Advertisment at a Movie… Might as Well be a Good One!

Published June 17, 2010 - 4 Comments

I can’t stand the fact that I have to watch ads when I go to see a movie in the theatre!  I pay $9.99 just to see the movie, another $13.49 for some overly-salted popcorn, medium watered-down Coke, and a bag of Skittles… and I STILL have to sit through commercials before the show starts!? And it’s never just one or two… no, Iron Man 2 showed five advertisements before it started!  Five of them!  Granted, the last one was that adorable Telus hippopotamus who swam around and smiled, while reminding everyone to turn off their cellphones.  I don’t mind him at all.  In fact, I see that he has his very own Facebook page, with way more friends than I will ever hope to have.  I’m so jealous of the Telus Hippo.

But I digress…

The commercials at these movies are generally ones that have appeared on TV before, which only bothers me even more!  Why not come up with something special?

Well, I don’t know where they got this advertisement for Old Spice, but it’s hilarious!  I’m sure that this has probably been on TV, but I just haven’t seen it, since most of my TV viewing is done online nowadays.  I was quite literally laughing out loud, as were many other people in the theatre.  I talked about it afterward with my buddy who was there to watch the movie with me.  He loved it too.  “I wonder how many ‘takes’ it took to get that right?” , he thought.  I have no idea, but it’s so smooth…  makes me want to run out and buy some Old Spice!

Oh, I see that it was uploaded to YouTube 4 months ago, so it’s not new.  But that’s ok… if you’ve seen it before, well, enjoy it again!

“Look at your man, now back to me, now back to your man, now back to me.  Sadly, he isn’t me.”

“I’m on a horse.”

Love it!  🙂