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School is More Important Than Work

Published September 22, 2014 - 3 Comments

mcdonalds_paypal_lgStanding in line at McDonalds and I watched as a young girl showed up for her shift while one of her co-workers jokingly chastised her for apparently leaving school early to come to work.

“You left early! School is more important than work!  School is more important than work!”

It was obvious that the girl was mocking something that they’d probably been told many times.  That ever-present conundrum of how to be in two places at once.  Stay in class, yet keep your boss happy and get to work on time.

I wished that I could have said something to these young people that would have made sense to them, but I know it never would.  The wisdom that we acquire in life is wasted upon the young, just as it was when we were that age.

Sure, you laugh now… but really, school is more important than work.  Stay in school.  Study.  Learn.  Apply.

And one day you will be saying the exact same thing to someone younger than yourself.

Trust me.

Portable Protein Pack? Mmmm… Sounds Yummy!

Published June 30, 2014 - 0 Comments

Protein Pack99% of my TV shows and movies come directly from the internet so I don’t tend to watch commercial advertisements much anymore.  This weekend we were watching a movie on AMC.  I’m sure that I’ve suffered through more ads in that short span of time than I have all year.  It was rough.

But one of the ones that really made me sit up and take notice was something called Oscar Mayer’s P3 Portable Protein Pack!  Unfortunately, while I may have noticed the ad, I really didn’t pay very close attention to anything other than the name.  I fully intended to sit down and write a blog post about pink slime (which they do not use in McDonalds Chicken McNuggets, despite internet rumours to the contrary) with jokes like “It’s the stuff they scraped off the floor that they weren’t allowed to put in their hotdogs!”.  I envisioned it in some sort of plastic tube like toothpaste where you just pushed from the bottom and bit off a chunk.  Now doesn’t that sound appetizing?  Pink Slime

Unfortunately for me, 30 seconds worth of “research” proved that theory wrong.  The portable protein pack may be the worst marketing name in history (Remember when Apple announced the iPad and people made fun of it sounding like a feminine hygiene product?) but it’s not pink slime.  In fact, it’s a selection of cheese, nuts, and processed meat.  Protein! Go figure.

I’m not sure that this product is something that I’d be interested in, but hey…  I never thought that I’d be buying Lunchables for my kids either.  (I’ve since stopped doing that because it’s stupid, but there was a time that the convenience outweighed my reasoning).

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How McDonald’s Makes Their Burgers Look So Good in Ads

Published June 22, 2012 - 0 Comments

Anyone who’s ever eaten anything from a fast food menu knows that what they see in the advertisement and what they are served are almost never comparable.  It’s no secret that the food used in promotional material is carefully crafted by experts to ensure that it is the most visually appealing possible.  They want us to purchase their food, and we’re more likely to do that if it looks good… yet most of us are willing to accept that what is passed across the fast food counter is not going to closely resemble what companies have spent millions of dollars to market to us.

This video was released by McDonald’s Canada to show why there is such a difference between the quarter pounder hamburger that you see in media advertising, and what you’re likely to get when you go into one of their restaurants.  As a bit of a marketing geek I found it quite interesting!  As a lover of the quarter pounder… well… I wish that I could be a food stylist too!

Love how they use a blow torch to make the cheese melt perfectly, and syringes to apply ketchup and mustard.. and then Photoshop to remove any blemishes!  It’s not much different than seeing a model on the cover of the latest fashion magazine!

McDonalds Charging for Dipping Sauce Now?!?

Published July 8, 2011 - 8 Comments

Can I have some sweet and sour sauce please?”

“You have to pay for that now.”


“17 cents…”



Picture this conversation taking place in the drive-thru that has long since become a second home to me.  I can not imagine that audacity behind this move… times must be tough for poor Ronald McDonald.  Half the time I’ve asked for those sweet and source sauces the tops have been sliced open, and I’ve just thrown them away.  Not any more!  Now I’ll take my chances of contracting some rare amazonian flu or being poisoned by a madman bent on taking down corporate America’s greatest symbol.  It’s not that 17 cents is a lot of money… that’s not the point!  This is probably just the beginning.  Soon they’ll be charging for all the other little things that we’ve taken for granted!  Want ice in that drink?  That’s a dime!  How about a straw?  $25 cents please.  And don’t you dare think that you’re getting any napkins without ponying up some extra money!  No more freebies around here, mister! What do you think this is, a charity?

It’s just the beginning, I tell ya!


McDonalds Monopoly Game Sucks Again

Published October 14, 2009 - 10 Comments

I hate that stupid monopoly game.  I’ve spent enough money at McDonalds that I should be given an engraved platinum-plated board, with a permanent residence on both Boardwalk AND Park Place!  But for some reason, when I asked the young guy behind the counter for a game board to keep track of all my “sorry, please try again, loser!” stickers, I was told that they don’t send them to the restaurants, and that I had to download them from the website.  (Since when is McDonalds a restaurant, anyway?)


For starters, if memory serves me correctly (less and less likely each day, it seems) those “boards” weren’t anything more than a glossy piece of paper.  I somehow doubt that McDonalds saves a ton of money by not printing those and shipping them to the restaurant. 

For seconds, what about the poor little old lady who has no idea what a PDF document is, or how to find it on the McDonalds site?  What are THEY supposed to do? 

Now I realize that the board is completely irrelevant to actually WINNING anything.  Whether you have one, or don’t, as long as you have the proper game pieces, it doesn’t matter if you tack them on a board, or a strand of toilet paper.  But that’s not the point.  When I ask for a game board, I’m expecting them to HAVE a game board, not have to go through the bother of having to look one up online, and print it out.  And let me tell you, it’s nothing spectacular.  You’d think that they might have put a little bit of effort into creating that board.


Not impressed.

Bring on the Fat!

Published August 20, 2009 - 3 Comments

I stepped onto the scale on Monday evening.  Hmm… up 5 pounds from the previous Monday.  Normally I weigh myself in the morning, so perhaps that was part of it.  Oh wait!  Nah.. it was the return of the McDonalds diet.  Yes, that was more than likely the culprit. 

I doubt that the 3/4 lb Greco donair helped much either, but that was a mistake.  I had forgotten that they added the larger donair to their menu.  I’m so used to saying “Give me the biggest donair that you’ve got” and getting the 1/2 lb version, that I instinctively used those same words this time.  It should have been a hint when he said “That’ll be $10.71”   That’s quite the donair!

Ugh.  I brought it back to the office, and proceeded to make it my personal challenge for the remainder of the night.  When I was about half way through it, I had to come up for air.  This thing was killing my desire to live.  But it would only get worse as the night went on.  At the end of the day, rampant hunger prevailed and I reigned supreme as the victor! There can be only one!

So it should not have come as a huge surprise when my weight was up again.  It’s not like I’ve been anywhere near the gym again.  Oh wait… I walk by it on the way to work.  Oops..  So I have been near it.  I just haven’t been IN it. 

And here I am tonight.  I had the munchies, and the only thing open is the damn 24 hour McDonalds.  I’ve developed an appreciation of the Big Mac.  I’ve always been a Quarter Pounder guy, but I’d grown tired of those.  Well, let the Big Mac take its place for a bit.  Yummy.

  • Big Mac   540 calories
  • Large Fries   560 calories  (wow)
  • Med Coke   220 calories

Grand total   1310 calories.

So essentially I can’t eat until Friday afternoon sometime.[ad#AdBrite]

Who Makes the Best French Fries?

Published August 12, 2009 - 4 Comments
french fries (stock.xchng)

french fries (stock.xchng)

I was out with my buddy the other day. We decided to go grab something to eat, as we had nearly 2 hours to kill before the start of GI Joe.  We ended up at Burger King, and ordered the special of the day, two Double Whopper Junior combos. We took our time, chatting about everything under the sun.

Then he looked at me and said “I don’t really like these fries.  Do you want them?”

“Sure!”  So much for the diet.

“I really like Deluxe fries” he said.

“Not me.  They’re tasteless.  I need gravy with them.  Tack on another $1.75”

And it got me thinking.  Who makes the best fries?  Personally, I think that McDonalds has the best ones.  I’m sure that they sprinkle them with crack cocaine, or something that makes me want to keep going back to them over and over.  Even if their burgers leave something to be desired, to me their fries are heaven.  I especially love how I can find one under the seat when I’m cleaning out my car, and it looks just as fresh as the day I bought it.  That takes talent!

Burger King’s fries are ok.  Nothing to write home about, but better than Wendy’s.  Wendy’s fries are tasteless.  [UPDATE: Since posting this article, Wendy’s has improved their fries dramatically!] I haven’t eaten enough at Harvey’s to really offer an opinion.  KFC USED to have good fries, but they seem to have changed them over the years.  I usually get a small gravy, or just go the full distance and smother them with cheese and gravy.  Mmm… poutine… God’s gift to mankind.  Deluxe fries are bland and tasteless.  The day that they forget to put ketchup in the bag is usually a horrible one.  Yuck.

But I thought that it might be fun to throw it out there as a poll.  I’m testing new things all the time, and this is a great way to test PollDaddy’s (why does that just sound so wrong?) service.

These restaurant chains are all available locally.  I did not include some of the others that are primarily only in the USA.  I’ve eaten at a few when traveling in the States, but since they’re not here, and most of my readers are here, I left them out.  I did include an “Other” category though, just in case!

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