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Welcome to May

Published May 1, 2011 - 0 Comments

May 1.  The older I get, the faster time seems to pass me by.  It’s almost a little scary.

I think it’s safe to say that the threat of snow is finally behind us.  What a miserable winter/spring this has been.  I can’t wait for the snowplowing bill to get here.  I’m going to turn off the lights and hide under the couch when the snowplow guy knocks on my door.  I may have to put a second mortgage on the house I don’t live in, just to pay for this year’s snow removal!  But believe me, it’s money well spent.

So May has some great things to look forward to this year… as well as at least one shitty thing.  And no, it’s not the end of the world, like some people think for May 21, 2011.  Although you could argue that my world certainly took a kick in the balls on that date.  On the other hand, I’m looking forward to a nice little vacation this month.  It’s time to scratch a couple of things off my life’s “to-do list”.  Sadly my “Identical triplet cheerleader foursome” looks like it’s going unfulfilled again this month… but that seems more like a summer activity anyway, so maybe next month.  But I digress… I can’t wait to spend some time in Ontario, especially Niagara Falls.  I’ve always wanted to see them.  This is probably when I find out that all the pictures are photoshopped, and it’s really not as impressive as I’ve been imagining all this time.  Oh yeah, it’s also my birthday this month.  One step closer to End of Life, as I told my doctor this week.  And she thinks I’m a pessimist.. ha!

Tomorrow is a big day!  Some people might think that it’s because of the federal election.  Bah… nothing’s going to change there!  I’m still expecting a Conservative minority government… AGAIN…  But the BIG NEWS is that I expect my iPad2 to finally arrive!  It was shipped last week from China, and I’ve had fun watching the FedEx tracking page to see all the hops along the way.  It’s definitely more of a world traveler than I am!  Frustratingly, it made it all the way to Dieppe by Friday, which is only an hour or so away.  But because FedEx does not have weekend delivery here, I have to wait until Monday.  Which sucks, because I also have to work tomorrow… and I swear… if I get home and find out that my roomie was sleeping all day again, and didn’t hear the FedEx guy banging on the door… there’s gonna be a lot of passive aggressiveness going on!  And nobody wants that!  Speaking of the roomie, he informed me that he has an interview on Friday, and if he gets the job he is definitely moving because he doesn’t want to do the drive back and forth.  Uh huh.  I’ve heard that before.  “I won’t get my hopes up” is all I said to him.  Hehe..  don’t get me wrong… Paul and I are great friends, but we have different ideas about things.  It hasn’t been easy watching him waste the last 6 months of his life.  I’m sure that some people probably say the same thing about me… for much longer even!

Well it’s time to get some stuff done.  Today is a rare day of no work, no kids.  My son’s First Communion is today.  I’m not going.  It’s not my thing.  He’s ok with it.  It’s not his thing either.  I’m pretty sure that my invitation was a formality anyway… although the look on my ex’s family’s faces would probably be precious if I walked in there.  Surprisingly the roomie is going.  He’s the god father, which apparently is not only a movie character.  The less I know, the better.  Ignorance is bliss.

Off to go fold some laundry.  Happy May 1rst!