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SYTYCD Canada Top 18 Results

Published September 3, 2009 - 1 Comment

I’m so glad that the Canadian version of the show doesn’t drag on for an hour like the US version does.  Here, it’s wham! bam! You and You, you’re gone!  Get off the stage! Boot!

Now if only they’d get rid of that damn product placement in the main show.  “Let’s take a look backstage, brought to you by ________”  and here’s tonight’s recap, brought to you by ________ , (insert ridiculously awkward slogan)”  Can you say CHEESY???


OK, rant aside, last night’s show was quick and to the point.  It started off with a group Bollywood routine.  I’ve never seen Slumdog Millionaire, so I haven’t gotten sucked into the whole Bollywood phenomenon.  SYTYCD (USA) Season 4 was the first time I’d seen Bollywood, and I thought that it was quite interesting.  Then it showed up again in Season 5, and I thought that it was good, but not as interesting.  Then last night.. “Again?  Haven’t I seen enough of this?”  It colourful, sure.  But…

So then they announced the bottom 3 couples: Corynne and Anthony, Nicolas and Jenna Lynn, and Melanie B. and Austin.  Probably not much of a surprise.  The guys’ solos were good.  It’s unusual for me to like them more than the girls’, but all three of them were very entertaining.  I was a little surprised to see Anthony go.  I figured that Nicolas might be the one going.  Not that I wanted him to go.  He has great stage presence.  I was just leaning toward the judges picking him.  But hey, what do I know? 

When it came to the girls, I don’t think that anyone was surprised to see Melanie B. as the one to go.  If you’re in the bottom 3 twice in a row, you know that you’ve got a target on your back.  She was obviously NOT thrilled with the judges’ decision and was politely cut off by Leah before she could call them idiots.  “OK, let’s take a look at some of Melanie’s finest moments throughout the show”.


Top 16, here we go!