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SYTYCD Canada Top 10

Published October 1, 2009 - 0 Comments

I wasn’t all that surprised to see Amy go. I actually wish that she had’ve gone last week, so Corryne would have made the Top 10, and be on the tour in December. Ah well. To be honest, I was more surprised to see Melanie in the bottom 2 this week. But we’re getting down to crunch time, and now even some of the really good ones have to go.

On the guy’s side, I was really hoping for Emanuel and Cody to be in the bottom 2. I wasn’t expecting Austin to be there, and I certainly wasn’t expecting him to be the one who left this week!

There wasn’t a whole lot that stood out for me in the performance episode. It was ok, but none of them really wowed me. Hopefully next week will be better.