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Super Size Me

Published August 8, 2009 - 2 Comments

I watched Super Size Me again the other night.  I’d forgotten how good it is.  It should be mandatory viewing for me any time that I feel the need to fill up on McDonalds or other junk.  That part where he throws up while eating a Double Quarter Pounder is especially memorable.  Mmm….  Getting hungry just thinking about it!

I hauled my lazy ass into the gym again yesterday.  I like to alternate locations so they don’t get too used to seeing me coming through the door.  The Parkway location has upgraded their equipment lately (well, “lately” is a relative term.  It might have been 6 months ago, I don’t know).  I’m not sure that I have the proper driver’s license to be able to operate the new treadmills.  They’re pretty damn fancy.  Surprised the hell out of me when I suddenly felt cold air blowing gently on my out-of-breath face.  I think that I would have preferred an oxygen mask, or a shot of rum.

But I survived, and managed to pack my stuff for today too.

Here’s hoping to the start of a great new routine!