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Still Not Using Dropbox??? What’s Wrong With You???

Published August 3, 2010 - 2 Comments

Yup, I’m going to harp on the wonders of free 0nline storage and automatic backup again.  Since I wrote my first post on Dropbox last week, I’ve had a chance to play with it much more, and I like it even more than when I wrote that post!  It truly is a fantastic utility, and you can’t beat the price… free!

To expand a little more on what I had written earlier, once you  have created your free account on Dropbox.com, you then install the software on your computer (takes about 30 seconds) and voila…  you have an icon on your desktop called My Dropbox, which is a direct link to your free 2 GB of space on the Dropbox servers.  It’s that simple!  I threw a bunch of stuff in there… pictures from my Cape Breton trip, movie clips and mp3s from an online course I’m taking, even my VGA-Planets installation files, so I no longer have to ask my friend to send them to me when I reinstall my computer!  And everything gets backed up in real time, and is accessible from anywhere!  When I was writing a post earlier today on my Cape Breton visit, I didn’t have my laptop with me… normally that would mean that I couldn’t include the pictures that I wanted, but then I remembered that they were stored in my Dropbox, and I can log in with any browser and retrieve them no problem.

My days of emailing files back and forth to myself are over.  My worries about not having a backup of my important files are done.  I wish that I had taken my friend’s advice much earlier, because had I started using Dropbox months ago, I wouldn’t have lost a few family pictures along the way.