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Step By Step

Published January 13, 2010 - 1 Comment

Anyone unfortunate enough to follow my antics on Twitter has no doubt noticed that I started walking again.  No, not the kind of walking back and forth between the couch and the refrigerator.  Actually walking outdoors.  In the cold.  And longer than going to the mailbox and back.  (Which I was completely shocked to find out is an 800m round trip!)

Two days ago I decided that enough is enough.  I used to do a ton of walking.  Granted, I used to be a teenager without a car, and I had to walk to go see my friends.  And I used to be much lighter than I currently am.  But something that I remembered from those days of walking an hour each way still holds true today.  Walking clears my head.  Opens up my mind.  And maybe, just maybe… is good for me.

I’ve discovered that sitting around the house, waiting for the seasons to change, doesn’t appear to be doing much for my state of mind.  So rather than hide from Old Man Winter, I said “screw it” and put on a heavy jacket, gloves, hat, and a pair of boots that can only be described as a death-trap.  They have thick rubber soles on them that look like they should be good in any weather, but Olympic ice skaters could probably qualify in these things.  They’re horrible on anything resembling H2O in it’s crystallized form.

And of course, the requisite iPod.  Never leave home without it!

I went exploring.  I found a road that I’ve driven past for years, and always assumed was a private road.  Nope.  I followed it up through some sparsely placed houses, and then through the woods, all the while twittering to my heart’s content.  My sister didn’t seem to believe that I was actually out there.  Probably figured that someone got tired of hacking Paris Hilton’s account, and decided to take mine over instead.

I even tweeted as I lay on the ground after my feet were kicked out from underneath me.  I figured “why stop now?”  I pulled myself off the centre of the road, and propped up against a snowbank.  I really didn’t feel like trying to get up at that point.  It hurt too much.

Eventually, I found my way back home.  The next day I took the car and drove through the exact route that I had traveled by foot.  7.2 kms.  That’s quite a little hike.  I didn’t expect it to be that far.  I figured 5 or 6 at most…

Still would have been plenty for me and my newly-formed blisters…