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Starting 2011 On The Wrong Foot

Published January 1, 2011 - 3 Comments

I had really intended on writing a series of New Years posts… and then I woke up a few days ago with phlegm (that’s my new word of the day) in my lungs and a horrible ache that started at the top of my head and worked its way down to the tip of my toes.  Let’s put things into perspective…  last night was New Years Eve, and I was in bed by 9:30… Yes, Mr Excitement…  I woke up a few times to answer the inevitable txts and emails that came trickling in through the night, but for the most part I was dead to the world until the kids got up this morning.  Now, I’m just praying for death.  I’m supposed to be going back to work tomorrow.  If I feel half as good as I do right now, then I wouldn’t bet on me being there tomorrow.

Now I’m off to make a lemon meringue pie with my daughter… who has been waiting somewhat patiently for the last… 5 years?  Where does the time go?

Wishing everyone all the best in 2011.