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Starfrit MagiCan – The Last Can Opener You Will Ever Buy!

Published October 3, 2009 - 5 Comments
The Last Can Opener You Will Ever Buy
The Last Can Opener You Will Ever Buy

I’ve been on a mission for the last couple of months.  To find a decent can opener that wasn’t going to be a pain in the ass, and a danger to myself or anyone else using it.  Since I moved out, I’ve purchased three can openers, with varying results.  The first one seemed fine enough, but then quickly started skipping here and there.  The day that I tried to cut off my thumb with a knife, was the day that can opener went straight into the garbage.  I was trying to pry the lid off, and the knife slipped.  Opps.  Blood.

The second can opener didn’t last very long either.  There was no blood this time, but it was a miserable thing.  I launched it into the garbage and vowed never to buy another can again.
That actually lasted a couple of weeks, until I decided that I wanted to open a can of corn, and figured that I’d have to smash it with a hammer.  A quick trip to Walmart, and I was standing in front of an entire rack of can openers.  As I was holding one in my hand, a woman noticed what I was looking at and said “Are you looking for a can opener?  I just bought one of these for my mother, and it’s the best can opener I’ve ever seen.  I went back and got one for myself afterwards, and it’s great”.
The Starfrit MagiCan opener.
I picked it up, and looked at it.  I was more than a little skeptical because it’s not the traditional design that I’m used to.  It was also not the most expensive can opener, and I had convinced myself that the only way to stop buying duds was to purchase the most expensive can opener money could buy.  I thanked her, and put it back on the shelf.
“If you do decide to get it, I hope that it works just as well for you as it does for us”.
That sealed it for me.  An unsolicited review from a real person who had no ulterior motive is much more powerful than any infomercial could ever be.  I was still a little hesitant, but dropped it in my cart.
It took a couple of days before I decided to try it.  I was making chilli, which meant that I was opening not one, but 5 cans.  This was the ultimate test, and would either be a success, or thrown into the woods to rust for all eternity.
I’ve never been so pleasantly surprised with something so simple.  I remember sending a txt message.. “I’m in love!  She’s a can opener!”  This thing grips the can with no problem, easily cuts through the top, leaving no sharp edges, AND grips the lid after it’s been removed.  Your hands never touch the metal at all.  I opened all 5 cans without any problem, and was tempted to just keep going and open every can in my kitchen!
It was a little piece of heaven.