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Stanley Cup Playoffs Start… Sans Maple Leafs

Published April 16, 2011 - 4 Comments

It’s the time of year again!  Stanley Cup playoff time!  And once again, I am going to have to enjoy the annual ritual without my beloved Toronto Maple Leafs in the running.  I know… I know…   how long has it been since they’ve even made the playoffs?  I’m too lazy to go look it up, but I know that it’s nearing 10 years.

Actually, this year it’s not only the absesnce of the Maple Leafs that is troubling.  There is a very noticeable lack of Canadian teams in the playoff hunt.  Ottawa was worse than Toronto this year!  Edmonton was just as bad as they were last year.  Even Calgary, which normally is fairly strong, is practicing their golf swing early.  That leaves Montreal in the east, and Vancouver in the west.  It pains me to cheer for the Habs, but I will.  My real hope, though, is on the Vancouver Canucks… they’re a very strong team this year, and finished at the top of the standings. 

Maybe this is their year?

Go Canucks, Go!  (and yeah.. the Habs too…)