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Published June 4, 2012 - 2 Comments

I’m sitting here at the farm, holding my cell phone. It’s amazing that I can complete an entire blog post, with pictures even, on my phone if I choose to. I don’t tend to write too often on my phone, but at least I have that option if I need it.

I don’t imagine that there will be too many more visits to the farm. Most of my things are removed now. There are still some outside lawn furniture pieces and things like that… But most of my stuff is clear.

But that still leaves an awful lot of my Grandmother’s things for the family to sort through and I do not envy them. Not one bit.

It’s unfortunate that this process has been so frustrating at times. I have to wonder if we wouldn’t all be better off if a giant sinkhole formed under the property and it just disappeared.

I’m probably not the only one thinking that.