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Spring Cleaning!

Published March 3, 2011 - 7 Comments

I realize that it’s not spring yet… in fact, I don’t know if spring is scheduled for 2011 or if we’re just going to jump from “Dead of Winter” to our “2 Weeks of Summer” and then back to fall… but today was a very sunny (albeit quite chilly) day, and I took advantage of my cheery disposition by doing a massive cleanup around the house. Yesterday I found out that I would be going back to work on Monday. I have mixed feelings about that. I almost wish that I had another week to let things completely heal, but the doctor doesn’t seem to think that sitting for 12 hours is going to bother me. We’ll see. I suspect that I might have to get up and walk around a little more than usual. But, on the flipside, I’m almost back to my normal self, and today was the first day that I’ve been out of the house for anything not related to my achy breaky balls…

So today I cleaned above the cupboards, which was interesting… I’m sure that it’s been years since anyone has looked up there. It’s no wonder that Paul and I cough. Yuck. I washed the remainder of the dishes. Did some laundry. Washed all the counter tops, and stove top. And washed the floor. Took a bunch of stuff out of the house. Yes… I’ll make someone a good wife someday… 🙂

My roommate’s contribution to the cleaning endeavour was putting away some dishes, and sitting in front of the TV for hours, playing an XBox 360 football game. Good times! They may find his broken body in a snowbank some day. Then again, that would require a prolonged “thaw”, and that seems unlikely at this point in time.

Back to the cleaning!