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SPAM Comments?? Oh No…

Published June 9, 2009 - 0 Comments

I was so happy to see that there was a comment from someone who wasn’t a friend or family. I thought that perhaps someone else had stumbled onto my blog, and took the time to read through it. Not sure WHY… but hey, with the old blog I think that a couple of people may have tripped over it by some unknown means.

And then I read the comment.

“Hey great post. You should write more about this!”

Wow. How completely vague and useless. Then I noticed that the person’s signature file included a website for making money on the net, and a tagline about how much they made per week. Perfect! Sign me up! I’ve been looking for a way to make lots of cold hard cash! It’s so difficult to find a quality get-rich-quick scheme. Much better when they come to you!