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(Somewhat) Interesting Search Terms for 2009

Published January 7, 2010 - 0 Comments

A few days ago I posted the top search terms that brought people to the blog.  Today I’m looking at some of the more interesting terms that brought people here.  It surprises me what people will type into a search engine sometimes.  Even more surprising is that Google or Yahoo actually rated my blog high enough on these terms for someone to click the link to here.

In no particular order…

McDonalds Monopoly Sucks  Yeah, this was also a very popular search term too.  I guess that I wasn’t the only one not overly impressed with the game this time around.  I seem to remember generating a few comments on the blog from people who aren’t regular readers.  Not only did people think that the McDonalds game sucked, but some of them thought the blog sucked too.  Ah well, can’t please everyone.

Do I Sell My Sirius Stock?  Oh boy.  If you’ve come to this blog looking for investment advice, you’re in big trouble.  You’re not going to find it here!  This was a ranting post on my stock portfolio (consisting 100% of Sirius stock).  And I did end up selling my Sirius stock, essentially breaking even.  I should have held onto it a little longer, but it’s a crapshoot.  I haven’t dabbled in stocks since, although I won’t swear them off.  I’m too busy putting my money into other things.  Which brings me to the next interesting result.

With a Laughable Rate of 0.75%  Ahh.. the good ole Tax Free Savings Account, or TFSA.  I opened one a few months ago, and have been steadily adding to it.  The problem is that it accumulates almost no interest.  Why bother opening one then?  That’s an excellent question.  I wanted an account that I could put money into that I couldn’t easily take money out of.  I had a particular savings goal in mind for this account, and will probably just let it grow.  Or not, depending on the interest.  I guess someone else thought that the interest was poor.  Just seems odd to me that they didn’t include “TFSA” in their search.  Someone was sitting at their PC doing a search for “With a Laughable Rate of 0.75%”?

Your Search Was Not Valid and Will Not Be Counted for Purposes of Calculating the Number of Searches You Performed This Month.  It’s a little lengthy, and very specific.  If you didn’t know better, you might wonder why on earth someone would type THIS into a search engine, but this is the message that you’d get if you were using the Yahoo! Airmiles toolbar.  I’ve since removed the toolbar because it was more annoying than anything after they severely limited what constituted a “legitimate” search. This post still draws readers now, and is one of the most read.

“about stephen” + fresh start”  (the quotes are part of the search) This is an odd one.  I’m not sure if one of my friends typed this in, because it seems too specific to be just someone out there doing a random search.  I’d say that it was probably someone who knows me, but hey.. the internet is a big place, and anything’s possible.  Stephen isn’t exactly a unique name, and I can’t be the only one in need of a fresh start.

“chez steve” girl  Haha..   Is there a Chez Steve Girl?  If so, I’d like to meet her sometime!  I know that I sometimes refer to my top notch cooking skills as Chez Steve, but I didn’t realize that I might have a Chez Steve Girl out there somewhere.  So please… if you’re reading this… hello! 

“happy thanksgiving” in french  Does this actually work?  I know that Google will convert measurements and give you the weather right from the search bar, but will it translate too?  And if so, will someone click the link to my site because it shows up in the list?  Apparently so.

50s Diners in PEI  Here’s a good one.  I finally made it to PEI last summer, and the first place that we ate at was a 50s diner, the name of which escapes me as I write this.  But it just strikes me as odd that someone would be sitting at their PC and looking for 50s Diners in PEI.. unless of course they had eaten at one, and couldn’t remember the name!  And voila!  They’re taken to my blog.  Welcome!

97.3 The Wave Sucks  I have to disagree with this one, but I still got a chuckle out of it.  I remember writing a post on The Wave vs K100, our two local Top 40 radio stations.  I still have The Wave set on channel 1, and K100 set on channel 2, but I don’t really notice much difference between them any more.  Except that K100 occasionally throws in something from my teenage formation years…  I get a kick out of hearing Technotronic suddenly blaring out of my speakers on the drive home.  Ah.. it was a simpler time…    and apparently someone out there doesn’t care much for The Wave.

Back in the Highlife Again Story  I’ve been scratching my head over this one since I first noticed it on the list.  I’m honestly not sure what it’s referring to.  I suppose that I could launch Google analytics and try to determine which page the person landed on after clicking the link generated by this search term, but that sounds like too much work, and I’m feeling a little lazy this morning.  Back in the Highlife is an old tune.. maybe I referenced that in some rant?  I hope that whatever this person was looking for.. they found something worth while..

Corynne “legs”  Aha!  So I’m not the only one who thought that she had legs!  This was the girl on SYTYCD Canada whose legs seemed to go on and on forever.  I still wish that she had made the Top 10, and been on the tour.

Enamel Divots in Front Teeth  What?  Oh, I had some dental work done awhile ago, but anyone looking for dental advice on this blog is in for a treat.  In keeping with the SYTYCD Canada theme, when I first read this search, I thought that it said Emanuel Divots in Front Teeth, which seemed like a really weird thing to be searching for!  Although he did lick the stage once… yuck..

GI Joe Cisco Product Placement  I guess I’m not the only one who noticed this blatant product placement… although I’m surprised that Coke wasn’t added to the list.  Truth be told, I think I’ve seen more Cisco IP phones on TV than I’ve ever seen Cisco devices in real life.  And I used to work with Cisco routers!  It doesn’t seem to matter what movie or TV series.. if there’s an office setting, there’s a phone with a Cisco logo on it.  Even better are the scenes with video conferencing, that have the Cisco logo splashed up on the wall for a good 3 seconds.  I still don’t understand why, if I get to see products prominently displayed in movies, that I have to sit through 2 or 3 commercials prior to the movie starting.  Especially when they’re the exact same commercials that run on TV.  I wouldn’t mind so much if it was something NEW, but the same old Toyota commercial that I see pretty much daily.. well…  I just don’t need that.

Jessica Simpson  OK, you’re bored, and you’re wondering what Jessica Simpson is up to today, so you throw her name into your favourite search engine, and…  WhatAboutStephen pops up!  Why?  I’m pretty sure that I’ve never written a post about her.  (hmm… if people are looking for these things, shouldn’t I be taking notice, and writing content to draw MORE people in?)  I do seem to remember that I mentioned not being able to look at her the same way, but that was in a Twitter tweet… which is linked to the blog..  so was that really enough to bring my blog anywhere in the first 100 pages of returns for Jessica Simpson?  How sadly disappointed someone must have been that day…

Kate cares  Kate who?  I have no idea who Kate is.  This is another one of those ones that I need to go research in Google Analytics to see the correlation between the search term, and the content on the blog.  Do I even know a Kate?  And what does she care about?  Hey, maybe she’s my Chez Steve girl?

Pizza Hut Buffalo Wings Gross  I’m more surprised that this didn’t make the list of most searched terms.  In fact, only one person found the blog with this term, but that person must’ve been pleased with the post that I had written, because those wings ARE gross.  Well, the ones that I had that night were gross, and I’m not going back to try them again.  Disgusting!

Response on See u When u Get There  Wow… who would’ve thought that something as obscure as this would generate a result that pointed to this blog?  Certainly not me!  I haven’t a clue what this is referring to. 

Ribbit  Oh, c’mon.. really?!  Ribbit?  I know that I used it in a title once, and it was there for a reason.  But I definitely never thought that anyone would actually do a search for “Ribbit”.  Who searches for “Ribbit”??  Honestly?  Probably the same type of guy who uses Ribbit in his blog post title!  I miss Ribbit.

What the Hell is Squab  I just re-watched this episode of Two and a Half Men the other day!  It’s a hilarious episode!  I’d never heard of the word “squab” until then, and I had to go look it up.  If you’re uncertain of what squab is… think “pigeon”.. well, domesticated pigeon… yum!

What to do When Life Kicks You in the Balls  Not only was this a search term that pointed someone to the blog… but this term was searched more than once!  I guess that someone else was having a bad day.  There’s not much room for self-help here, so whoever was in search of some advice was probably a little disappointed.. or perhaps they got cheered up when they read my post! 

And.. that’s it, that’s all.  2009 is done with, and the new posts for 2010 are starting to rev up.  Should be interesting to see what draws people here over the next 12 months.