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Sudoku Scam

Published January 5, 2010 - 1 Comment


I bought a Sudoku puzzle book for someone this Christmas.  It was one of those “1 puzzle per day” books.  Naturally, I assumed that meant 365 puzzles in the book.  Makes sense, right?

Hell no!

When I got the book home, and opened it up to write something clever (as if) inside, I noticed in tiny little print that puzzles 340-365 were available on the publisher’s website, and a URL.


I realize that 340 puzzles are still plenty, and that it’s free to download the remainder, but I PAID for a puzzle for each day. I expect there to be 365 puzzles in that book, not 340!  What if I was giving the book to someone who didn’t have internet access?  Or more likely, someone who just couldn’t be bothered to go through the hassle of downloading and printing the remaining puzzles?!  I’ve never heard of anything like that.  Do I have to count the pages in my calendar to make sure that there are 12 months there, and not 9 (with the other 3 available as downloads at my own inconvenience?).  Will the local newspaper suddenly stop, and redirect me to their website if I want to know what else happened that day?

I couldn’t blieve it.  I’m still stunned.  Most people probably don’t care, and probably won’t even bother to download the remaining ones, so what happens next year when they shave 20 more puzzles off the print edition, and make you go to their website for those ones too?  Somehow I doubt the price will be adjusted to reflect the ever-shrinking published work!